[Gtkradiant] [Bug 934] keyboard shortcuts don't work if groupdialog or other dialog is in foreground

Reed Mideke gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 25 Mar 2004 14:40:16 -0800

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Joseph, William wrote:
> it's better to discuss this on the ML than in the bug comments.
> A possible solution might be to force all of the text-input
 > widgets to lose focus when you hit enter/escape after editing
 > them. If no widget has focus, the shortcuts will work (in 1.5.x,
 > but not in 1.4.x).
Thanks for the additional explaination, it is far more informative
than 'as designed'. I would suggest that the group dialog at least
should have the workaround you mention, since in floating window or
4 view mode it is something you tend to have open a lot, and it is
inconvenient to have to select the main window so texture window
shortcuts will work, or to deselect things while looking at the
entity window. (in 1.2.x, escape in the entity window deselects
the selected entity/brushes. In 1.4, it either dismisses the window,
or does nothing at all, depending on layout.)

My personal prefernce would be for shortcut handling to behave like
it does in 1.2.x (ie, everything goes to the main window, unless you
have an actual editable control selected). Athough it perhaps doesn't
conform to normal GUI standards, it is very convenient. If that is
difficult or impossible to do with the most recent GTK, I can accept

Thanks for all your hard work on gtkradiant.
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