[Gtkradiant] BSP monitoring from standard output?

Riku 'Rakkis' Nurminen gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Tue, 17 Feb 2004 00:59:49 +0200


I've just joined the list and am now copy&pasting a message that I
sent to TTimo (should've posted here in the first place..):

I'm using GtkRadiant for designing levels for a game that I'm
developing with the OGRE engine (www.ogre3d.org). However, I can't
use the q3map2 compiler because for some reasons the engine doesn't
accept BSPs produced by it (random crashes, it's an issue with the
engine). BSPs from id software's q3map are working great.

Anyway, this means I can't use the BSP monitoring in GtkRadiant, which
I think is a great feature! So by any chance, could there be a
possibility to catch the output for it from the standard output? I
don't know exactly how the BSP monitoring works (some network thing?),
but wouldn't it be possible to e.g. simply catch "** leaked**" etc from
the compiler output to denote an error? Maybe this capturing-from-STDOUT
could be an optional user preferences setting, or something?


                - Riku "Rakkis" Nurminen