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Fri Dec 3 01:52:58 CST 2004

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CPU/RAM/Operating System: Linux
Hard Drive Space: 32GB
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: nvidia, current
Version of GTKRadiant: 1.5.0 beta

The 2D display size info in the 2d window info is broken.

It displays the span line, but not the size.

Cause of Error:
Select a brush.
How long is it?
Can't tell, can ya : )

Pro: I love the 3d view single-plane translation thingy.

Con: Radiant's most powerful feature is/was its extrude.
"Where's the old-style drag/resize?
Use the QE tool (shortcut 'q')."
Please, please change it back the way it was.
Modality hurts speed, that is what 3DSMAXS suffers from.

Suggestion: Also, the texture lock should really be on by default, shouldn't it? Shutting if off is only good for scenery, when you want to slide stuff around under the texture.

Pro: Nice GTK+ file dialoges, yippi : )

Bug: Grid for .25 is broken, again, still? Hate those big blue gidlines. On that note, if you use sub-one unit geometery for  your maps, you have to set the grid small to load the map, or that .5 .25 geometry will ruined. When the map is loaded, the code that snapps all the geometry or removes suspect brushes could be adjusted to allow .25 .5, and .1 for that matter. The sub 1 unit geometery is great for rotated brushes and making crap you don't want to make in MAX and export.

Bug: I should not have taunted the gamma : ( Now all the texture are white and I cannot return them to their former state by restarting the editor. I must have hosed the config.

[Thanks for the prebuilt RPM, but Fedora Core 3 uses /usr/share more than /opt. I dragged and iconed it. I always hated that attempt to put the games in a seperate directory such as /usr/lib/games/quake3, becasue nothing else is in categories.]

Noteworth: I had to shut off the cursor shadows, using simple cursors in X11. This had to be done as the user and not the root. The new cursors play havoc on 3D aps, leaving droppings everywhere. I don't know why. I don't know if it is X11 or nVidia.

echo "Xcursor.core: 1" >> ~/.Xresources
reference: http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?group_id=9&atid=125&func=detail&aid=778

Thanks for working on Radiant.
brendieellen at yahoo.com

User Email: brendieellen at yahoo.com

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