[Gtkradiant] GtkRadiant on FreeBSD

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 2 Aug 2002 08:59:02 +0200

Cool .. new developers are always welcome. We have been more demanding for
an OSX developer lately though, but releasing a FreeBSD setup might be

Several topics:

- Branches. Depending which branch you got your source from, you are
either working with the 1.3 codebase (cvs HEAD), which has not been
released yet, or 1.2 (Stable-1_2 branch). I'd recommend working with the
1.2 code for now.

- Setup. One of the main problems is to have all the required media and
configuration files for GtkRadiant correctly installed. First, you need to
have either Q3 / RTCW installed and running. I am not familiar with BSD,
but the .x86.run setups are installing fine and running with the Linux
emulation without trouble. Then you need to have a first working
installation of GtkRadiant. Grab the 1.2.9 full setup for Linux from
qeradiant.com and try to get it installed. It may not execute, what you
can do is run it with --keep option, this will extract the content without
running the script. Then I think you need to symlink the Linux directory
with a 'FreeBSD' link name. setup should pickup and execute.

If this doesn't work, you would need to run it under Linux and reproduce
the layout on your BSD machine or something.

Then you will have Linux binaries (which you may need to brandelf to run),
but that's not the most important. You can use the source to compile
native bins and rely on the installation provided with the setup.

If you are interested in going further with this let me know. You can join
us live on irc.telefragged.com #qeradiant 


On Thu, 01 Aug 2002 21:38:22 -0400
"Lyndon Griffin" <lyndon@bsd4us.org> wrote:

> Hello, all.  I'm here because I want to map on FreeBSD (my primary
> desktop). I've started porting using a snap I pulled from CVS about 2
> weeks ago, tho I should probably check for updates.  Anyways, the
> subject of me doing FreeBSD work came up on the UT2 forums, and ydnar
> thought I was someone already on the list.  So, my first post is "hello,
> and who else is working on a FreeBSD port?"  I figure that we might work
> together. 
> My progress:  I believe I have everything in libs/, tools/, and plugins/
> built clean.  I've done no real testing of any of this stuff.  The only
> real work that I've done here is to add "|| defined (__FreeBSD__)" to
> any source lines that start "#if defined (__linux__)", tho I've made
> some tweaks in the cons files to allow for quirks in the FreeBSD ports
> system.  Oh, I should mention that I'm not using STLport, either - I
> could be persuaded to change that, but since I was doing this as an
> exercise for myself first and foremost, I didn't want the learning curve
> of another STL implementation. 
> When I say no real testing, I've tried to bsp a simple map - it cored,
> but I think that's mainly because I don't have any of my shaders or
> textures on my dev box, yet.  Plus, ydnar mentioned that he should check
> in the latest q3map2 code, so I don't want to spend time working on
> something that may already be fixed. 
> Who am I?  I'm a professional Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris developer for a
> medium sized b2b dotcom.  I became a UNIX convert the first time I tried
> FreeBSD, back in 1997.  I'd never done anything but HTML and VBasic
> until then, but I immediately started learning PERL, C, C++, and I guess
> I'm good enough to maintain my decent-paying job (same employer) for the
> last 5 years.  Though I've only been in the industry for those 5 years,
> I started programming BASIC at about age 8 on a TRS80-CoCo, my trusty
> Radio Shack cassette player as my first magnetic storage.  I collect
> working, arcane hardware as a hobby.  I have several interesting things,
> such as an old IBM SP-2 in a short frame (2x60mHz thin nodes), several
> old Suns (SPARCstation 330, SPARCstation 470MP, SPARCstations 2, 10, 20,
> and various spare parts), an HP apollo 700, a Motorola StarMax
> 3000/160...  the list goes on and on. 
> I've been a quake player since 1998 or so.  Tried my hand at mapping
> once, but it didn't take, then a buddy of my turned me on to Urban
> Terror and I've attacked it with new zeal.  I have two maps in the
> works, and more ideas in my head.  I've got to say that I don't remember
> ever being this interested in a hobby, and what better way to exploit my
> interest than to give a little back to the community that hooked me in
> the first place.  Oh, and I've also started researching a plugin that
> I'd like to build, also, plus I have a few ideas for the main editor
> that may bear fruit. 
> Enough gushing...  code is calling 
> <:)  Lyndon
> http://bsd4us.org/ 
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