[freespace2] New bug fixes and code changes...

Toby Haynes thaynes at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 28 19:41:31 EDT 2006

Taylor Richards wrote:
> Toby Haynes wrote:
>> I've set a new directory to house the pure Freespace2 with symlinks 
>> to the appropriate (I hope) .vp files. Recently I've been playing 
>> with the fs2_open releases with the mv_*.vp extra files and I have 
>> hit a snag on "A Game of TAG" where the 4 of the Virgo wing fighters 
>> never show up making it impossible to complete the mission. Is this 
>> one of the missions that has issues?
> Are you getting that Virgo wing problem with this version or with 
> FS2_Open?  With FS2_Open it's a known issue, you just need to point 
> towards the sun and fly at it for a while.  Before long you will meet 
> the missing wing and be able to destroy it.
I'm getting it with FS2_Open. Sadly I didn't read the bit about backing 
up my pure Freespace2 pilots before trying it out (so my mid-point 
pilots are gone) but FS2_Open is working well for me (apart from the 
Virgo wing issue...).
> I haven't seen this bug with the icculus.org version though.  I know 
> what causes the bug in FS2_Open, and though it's actually a Volition 
> bug fix, I'm not making the same change in the icculus.org version.
Maybe I'll try and play through to this level on the Icculus codebase 
(assuming that the busted jump drive issue can be diagnosed :-) ). Your 
efforts are greatly appreciated in keeping the code fixed up.

Toby Haynes

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