problem with conflict: freespace the great war

Taylor Richards taylor at
Wed Apr 26 16:30:58 EDT 2006

Horst Schlonz wrote:
> i've tried the freespace-installer
> ( installs fine, runs fine but
> at the end of training mission 3 the game crashes with:
> $ ./freespace
> Error: (src/parse/sexp.cpp:4699): Mission name SM1-01.fsm not found in
> campaign file for next-mission command
> $
> next time i run the game i have to repeat training mission 3. anyone
> else has this?

AHH! Never got this one.  Didn't even notice it until I checked the list
archive just now.

Anyway, can you provide a list of the files that you have installed?
It's not finding that one mission which means that something is missing,
corrupt, or the file versions are off.


Taylor Richards <taylor at>

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