[freespace2] FS1: Playing Judas - Docking with Lucifer

Taylor Richards mtrs at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 29 15:06:50 EST 2005

Are you using current CVS or a version you got from somewhere else?

There is a slight issue with the FS2 code in that mission that I never 
was able to find an adequate solution for.  Basically, the position 
where the Lucifer comes to a stop in that mission is different from 
where the mission specifies for the fighter bay waypoints.  This is a 
difference with the modified FS2 engine and the original FS1 engine.

I've gotten around this in two ways, previously a special mission was 
distributed with new waypoint locations.  Not long ago though I made 
this change in the code itself to automatically modify the locations.  I 
never retested the mission in the second case however so if you are 
using current CVS then I probably just made a mistake and will look into 

If you are not using current CVS then you need to make sure to use the 
fs1.vp file which contains the fixed mission (the fs1.vp file is not 
needed with current CVS).  If you don't have current CVS or the VP file 
then you either need to update to the current code or grab the VP from 
http://icculus.org/~taylor/freespace/ and put it in the same directory 
as the game binary.

If neither option is working then let me know and I'll got back over the 


James Le Cuirot wrote:
> Hey guys. I've been playing FS1 (managed to configure the keyboard in
> an adequate way) and I've got up to the Playing Judas mission. I've
> completed this mission before so I know what you're supposed to do but
> the "docking with Lucifer" part just isn't working. You're not supposed
> to actually dock, just get really close to Fighter Bay 1 and Rama wing
> will fly out. Well I've flown round and round both fighter bays and got
> so close I've blown up but nothing is happening. I even fired at the
> Lucifer and destroyed the sentries. Nothing. And I can't jump out
> because the drive is broken until about a minute after Rama wing
> appear. Is there a bug that's preventing the event from being triggered
> somehow?
> James

Taylor Richards <taylor at icculus.org>

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