In order to use Freespace with the Freespace 2 source code a new VP is required. This VP provides updated/missing files that are needed for the game. If you do not wish to go through the hassle of compiling from CVS then I highly suggest using one of ravage's installers for Freespace 1, the Freespace: Silent Threat add-on, and Freespace 2.

Original Freespace pilot data is not supported in this version and the game will probably delete the files if found. This version does use a different location to store Pilots but please be sure to backup your current player files before running the game.

Dec 01, 2003:
Current CVS now has MS-ADPCM support so the extra sounds VP has been removed.

Uncompress this file into your Freespace directory: fs1.vp - English (125K) - German (127K)
This file replaces the old fs1-Tables.tar.gz

(These updates include the fs1.vp file above)
Freespace 1.06 update for the US version: (md5) - (3.2 Meg)
Freespace 1.06 update for the UK version: (md5) - (1.4 Meg)
Freespace 1.06 update for the German version: (md5) - (1.5 Meg)

SilentThreat original release to 1.06 update: (md5) - (822k)

Freespace Demo 1.20 patch (required to play demo): (md5) - (699k)

-- Taylor Richards <taylor at>

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