[cod] Dedicated Linux server kicks everybody

Jesper Jeeninga [SNT] jesper at snt.utwente.nl
Sun Jan 4 07:14:03 EST 2004

Which files did you include from your CD or harddrive? I had the same
problem. I fixed it by copying all files from the 'main' dir on my
harddrive to the 'main' dir on the linux pc (including all the windows
Maybe the windows binaries are used to check if the client is pure or

I suggest you copy your whole 'main' dir from your win2k machine to the
linux machine and then try again.


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Well for instant i cant get in it either, and i have nothing else
installed like maps or mods...
Just did a clean install today and i still cant join it it says i have
unpure files...wich i dont have...
my team m8s cant join it either and they all have clean games.

When i set the pure to "0" the problem is gone, im running the same game
on a Win2k machine and dont have any problems with it...

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