[cod] Dedicated Linux server kicks everybody

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Well for instant i cant get in it either, and i have nothing else installed like maps or mods...
Just did a clean install today and i still cant join it it says i have unpure files...wich i dont have...
my team m8s cant join it either and they all have clean games.

When i set the pure to "0" the problem is gone, im running the same game on a Win2k machine and dont have any problems with it...
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  If your clients have anything else in their dir, and your server is set to pure 1 then you will get the unpure client error message. 

  The only other time, I have received that error, is when I tried to connect to a server with allowdownload set to 1 and they did not allow downloads, I then proceeded to another server and received the unpure client error message.  I restart CoD and can now join that same server I received the error message from without any problems.

  With that said, try restarting your client and connect to your server, see if that fixes the problem which could be a bug and hopeful is corrected via the mysterious CoD patch






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  Im running a dedicated Linix COD server,

  but when someone tries to join it they get the message unpure client, i have the same problem when i want to join it.

  and no i dont have any mods or maps installed...

  Some of u have any clue?


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