Segmentation Fault(core dumped)

Mike mike at
Sun Feb 1 23:36:21 EST 2004

Hello, I'm getting this error when running CoD on FreeBSD 5.2 with linux_base-8:

File Handles:
59716 files in pk3 files
Sys_LoadDll(/home/formula1/.callofduty/main/ ok
Sys_LoadDll(game) found **vmMain** at  0x30c4edd4
Sys_LoadDll(game) succeeded!
==== RestartGame ====
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Here's my start line:

./cod_lnxded +set com_zoneMegs 30 +set vm_game 0 +exec server.cfg +set net_ip x.x.x.x +set net_port 28960 +set g_gametype "sd" +map mp_dawnville

It may be a FreeBSD problem or may be a problem with me (this is my first time setting up cod, and I very much disliked the fact that I had to retrive files from the CD first. Not to sound arrogant or bigger than the game, but we people that serve games are part of the reason why you are able to sell multiplayer games, we shouldn't be required to upload all of these files from the CD; even though I do have the cd - it makes things much more complicated.)

Thanks in advance,
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