BF2 Server and BF2142 Server togehter with BF2cc?

xSmacks xsmacks at
Thu Jan 11 10:25:22 EST 2007

Hi! I´ve a Problem, the guys from my Clan want a BF2142 Server.
We have got 2 BF2 Servers running BF2CCD_1.4.2446, which requires Mono
1.1.12, with 1.1.13 it will not work.
The BF2142CCD 2.0 requires Mono 1.1.13., it will not work with 1.12.
Does anyone knows a solution to run BF2 and 2142 together with BF2CCD?
Currently im running the 2142 Server via ./ but it not quite 
comfortable like Bf2ccd.

Hope you Guys can help!


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