[bf1942] server hardware question

Brigham Stevens brs at vikingmind.com
Sat Mar 4 19:01:20 EST 2006

Hi James,

Thanks for replying. We have had some luck with our unranked, meaning 
that we can get some good crowds going
regularly, but indeed it is idle most of the time.  I do believe that 
when some independent stats are released it will make a difference.

I have found 2 stat packages:
1) http://www.battlefieldranking.net/
2) http://www.bf2statistics.com/news.php

I like the 2nd one better because you can host your own database and run 
your own stats. The ABR guys are taking a different approach where they 
are going to host stats for everybody! Also, it doesn't help that I 
never could register on the ABR site to post some questions that I had 
for them... SO I'm thinking that #2 will rule.

All of these stat systems seem to have reverse engineered the backend 
and use the existing stat collection system...... The thing that I don't 
get is that BOTH solutions still require you to hack the hosts file so 
you can direct the stat posting to your (or ABR's) server. Seems to me 
they could have just rewritten the posting part in python and send the 
data themselves to whatever server you want.

Plus we are offering DCON with CTF maps currently, and we will probably 
be making more maps....

James Gurney wrote:
> On 3/4/2006 11:53 AM, Brigham Stevens wrote:
>> I'm investigating putting my own server together and hosting in a 
>> colo facility versus renting a dedicated unranked server from a GSP.  
>> They offer 1GB bandwidth per month.... So I'm pretty sure I will need 
>> to buy some more bulk bandwith - any ballpark on how much bandwidth 
>> (per month) a 64 player server uses if say it is only full %50 of the 
>> time? Gee it would be spiffy if someone had a BF2 bandwidth 
>> calculator web page!
> Back when the demo came out, we hosted 2 32 player servers, and they 
> used about 8Mbps at any one time. You could make a guestimate based on 
> that, but traffic usage is a LOT.
> However, unless things have changed, you're not going to get anywhere 
> near 64 players or even 32 on an unranked server. People don't want to 
> play on unranked servers.. We've actually closed ours down and gone 
> back to DC because of this.
Right now we are only offering 32 slots on unranked, and we can fill it 
up, but these are "events" and not a steady population...

OK so taking a guess at bandwidth usage, and optimistically forecasting 
32 players for 6 hours out of each day (and assuming the rest are 0) I 
come up with this:

bps 	5,000,000 	 bits per second
Bps 	625,000 	 BYTES per second
Bpm 	37,500,000 	 BYTES per minute
Bph 	2,250,000,000 	 BYTES per hour
Bpd 	13,500,000,000 	 BYTES per day (assuming 6 hours)
BpM 	405,000,000,000 	 BYTES per month
KBpM 	395,507,813 	 Kilo Bytes per month
MBpM 	386,238 	 MB per month
GBpM 	377 	 GB/month

Hmmmm what about VOIP usage? Yeah, VOIP is another good reason for MP or 
Dual Core.

> This is how I built our server.. but these days I'm not so sure it's 
> the best way to go any more. I saw an ad on Slashdot the other day 
> linking to Sun servers.. You can get a 1U Opteron box from them with 
> no OS, Linux compatible, starting at $745. For server class hardware, 
> this is a pretty killer deal:
> http://store.sun.com/CMTemplate/CEServlet?process=SunStore&cmdViewProduct_CP&catid=138714 
Wow interesting! Weird that page didn't open for me in Firefox, but in 
IE it worked.
So is that $745 server capable of 64 slot server?

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