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Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Sat Mar 4 19:16:57 EST 2006

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From: Brigham Stevens 
> The thing that I don't get is that BOTH solutions still require you to hack
> the hosts file so you can direct the stat posting to your (or ABR's) server.
> Seems to me they could have just rewritten the posting part in python and
> send the data themselves to whatever server you want. 

I'd agree this is silly. A ModManager module could easily be written to do
this in a much more configureable way.

> Back when the demo came out, we hosted 2 32 player servers, and they used
> about 8Mbps at any one time. You could make a guestimate based on that, but
> traffic usage is a LOT. 

Indeed 64 player = 8Mbps, 32 = 4Mbps 

> http://store.sun.com/CMTemplate/CEServlet?process=SunStore&cmdViewProduct_CP&catid=138714 
> Wow interesting! Weird that page didn't open for me in Firefox, but in IE it worked. 
> So is that $745 server capable of 64 slot server?

Not quite you'd need the 148 to do 64 player comfortably, 146 doesnt
quite cut it even under windows. If you plan to run windows 152 would
most likely be required to run 64 player smoothly as the linux server is
between 10% and 20% more CPU hungy.

Interestingly I'd like to seem them boot an Opteron which requires paired
DDR modules with only one RAM module :D Although for BF2 you would
need 1Gb anyway.


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