[bf1942] Server connection problem

bf2 at sioban.net bf2 at sioban.net
Thu Jul 13 09:15:44 EDT 2006

Einar S. Idsø a écrit :

> I am almost *positive* that the freezes occur exactly when a new player
> enters the server, and I am almost *positive* that there is a problem
> with your DNS-server. The thing that happens is that the server contacts
> gamespy for rank-data for the new player, ant it _always_ looks up the
> DNS of bf2web.gamespy.com. The server will hang while the server
> receives rank-data. We had this exact problem on our servers, and it
> took me ages to figure it out. We ended up using a newer DNS-server. An
> alternative is to enter the IP of the gamespy server into your
> hosts-file, but that is not really a permanent solution.
> Just time a couple of nslookups to see how fast the DNS server is.

Interesting point.

I'll investigate that way !


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