[bf1942] EA has to be the worst run company in software... IMHO

GaMMa chamaeleo at arcor.de
Sat Oct 8 08:10:03 EDT 2005

> They had talent. Where did it go?  I remember playing BF1942 when it
> first came out till all hours of the night. What a game.  Did all those
> people leave?  No... EA sucked up Dice!  The talent was still there.
> They probably would not have any of that once in charge and fired
> them. :-)

Despite all bugs, I've played BF2 all night when it came out.
And BF1942 was a bugfest too in it's early days.. (and there's still 
that one hour video showing bugs in V1.61)

Of course EA sucks, but that's pretty old information =)

I like Battlefield 2 too much to boycot EA...

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