EA has to be the worst run company in software... IMHO

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Fri Oct 7 22:50:43 EDT 2005

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the great folks
on this list that have assisted me in the past to resolve issues
when trying to set-up and launch EA's defective Linux server
for their defective game emanating from their defective
management and lack of vision.

We are indeed dumping BF2 after the latest disappointment
and their continued pathetic "ranked" vs "Unranked".  Ironically
however it was not the recent update that caused the community
to vote to dump BF2, it was their collective assessment that even
though they had already spent the money on the game, they don't
bother playing it anymore and don't want to continue to compete
(when that is possible), because (their words) "The game sucks".

EA forgets that they are supposed to please the customer so they
come back and buy more games.  I have sworn off anything EA.
As a scientist and engineer, I do not generalize about specific statements
I make. So "never" is not something I would use, as it is probably
one of the most used generalizations.

However, in this case I can say I will "Never" buy another EA product
again.  I would be a hippocrit to remain on the list, so I bid farewell.

I think EA games needs a dedicated site such as the one opened for
the "Ipod Nano" defect.  EA produces consistently defective software.
Unless they have NO bugs, this is a true fact.  I got to see what kind of
EA sucks.com type of domains are available....

BTW... you can get much about EA on theregister.com. THey mainly hate
Microsoft, but in many ways EA is worse.  I really wonder if it is the lack
of talent within EA management. boycottEA.com?..

Sad.. For once they look like they finally actually put out a decent Baseball
game, surpassing 3DO's (only because they are out of business), and finally
dumping that piece of junk "Triple Play". It looks awesome and got great
reviews.  I won't buy it, and it didn't get a 100%, so someone needs to
write about the 6% they missed, and only the 6% since PCGamer wrote
about the 94% good. 6% bad can ruin a gaming experience. It is a service
to die hard baseball fans out there.

They had talent. Where did it go?  I remember playing BF1942 when it
first came out till all hours of the night. What a game.  Did all those
people leave?  No... EA sucked up Dice!  The talent was still there.
They probably would not have any of that once in charge and fired
them. :-)

That reminds me of a passing thought that just made my day....
I just imagined that all the talented people at Dice all got up
and walked away from their desks and started a new company
realizing they can make a ton of money for themselves. They just
need a decent business plan, easy to come by venture cap
and they can kiss EA goodbye.

Lastly, if I didn't mention it... EA Sucks, IMHO of course...

Bye for now. See some of you on the software companies lists
that produce quality products.

Dr. D

Mark J. DeFilippis, Ph. D EE          defilm at acm.org
                                       defilm at ieee.org

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