[bf1942] Battlefield 2 Patch 1.03 problems

[Karl]Aschnikof ak47 at alk-wg.de
Wed Oct 5 09:34:00 EDT 2005

we have no more probs.
my guy installed manually the patch 3 time and then it works.
allways the patch find some files who are not installed.

[Karl]Aschnikof schrieb:

> a guy from me has this problem:
> I have the following problem concerning the installation of 
> Battlefield 2 Patch 1.03:
> When I try to install the Patch, it initializes correctly, but about 2 
> seconds after i click on the "install" button, I get a "Patching 
> failed" error. YES, I have more than 2 GB free diskspace on EVERY 
> partition, and YES, I HAVE ALREADY REINSTALLED THE GAME several times 
> from scratch.
> Next thing I tried which has helped me already on earlier BF2 Patches 
> ( I got the Patching failed error with Patch 1.02 too) was, I copied 
> the complete BF2 Game directory from a buddy of mine who was able to 
> install the 1.03 Patch and replaced my own BF2 Game Directory with it.
> Now the Game was patched of course, started up normally but every time 
> I want to connect to a internet server I get a message saying "Your 
> CD-key is not valid"
> Then I completely uninstalled the game again, and reinstalled it in 
> English from my German DVD Version. With this unpatched Installation I 
> tried to connect to a internet Server - with SUCCESS! Everything 
> worked as it should... invalid CD-key MY ASS!!!
> Next thing I tried was to manually install the 1.03 Patch by starting 
> the Setup, then copying all Patch files from the temporary directory 
> in c:\documents & settings\username\local settings\temp to the BF2 
> Game directory (which is on D:\Games\Battlefield 2) and starting the 
> patch.exe
> The Patch seemed to work, my Installation is now patched (in main menu 
> it says it is V. 1.1.2551.0) but AGAIN everytime I try to connect to 
> ANY internet server, I get the "Your CD-key is not valid" message...
> For now I don't have any clues what causes this problem, I already 
> tried to change my CD Key with the little tool EA provides in the 
> Battlefield 2\Support Directory, without any success.
> Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!
> best regards
> Thomas Schlaefer a.k.a. $Le€P


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