[bf1942] Battlefield 2 Patch 1.03 problems

Patrick Osborne cfhozz at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 08:39:46 EDT 2005

I'm having problems ever since I loaded the V1.03 patch on my client, I host
a dedicated server it is co-located with my ISP so my latency is usually
very good around 12-16ms on average.

 When I installed the patch the first thing I noticed was my pings where
around 120-140ms respectively, I ran ping plotter on the same computer on my
other monitor simultaneously while in the game and was recording a latency
of 12-16ms while the game was in the 120ms range. The excessive latency
isn't the biggest issue that would be the excessive LAG while playing, it is
practicably unplayable.

 It felt like to me it has to do something with the video due to the fact
the rendering was way off and if I went from the game screen to the control
panel the mouse and video lag would go away, yes the mouse traces very slow
and all video seems like its running at about 20 frames per second.

 I tried to change my setting to default (NG) set my video and audio to the
lowest settings (NG) I even unloaded the complete game and re-loaded it with
just the V1.03 patch thinking that the V1.02 patch that was previously
install could be causing some issues, still NG.

 Other members in my clan have for the most part had no problems and are
playing on the same server, one other has had an increase in latency but no
complaints of lag (this could have been his ISP.)

 There is very little data available on the web as of yet regarding any
issue and was hoping you guys could help me out, it's a little frustrating
not being able to play especially when you pay hundreds of dollars a month
to host the game.

 My system:

 AMD Athlon 64 3200

Radeon X800XT 256MB

1GB DDR400 Dual Channel

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS GAMER

2 WD 36Gb SATA Raptors Raid 0

WindowsXP, all latest windows updates

On 10/5/05, [Karl]Aschnikof <ak47 at alk-wg.de> wrote:
>  a guy from me has this problem:
> I have the following problem concerning the installation of Battlefield 2 Patch 1.03:
> When I try to install the Patch, it initializes correctly, but about 2 seconds after i click on the "install" button, I get a "Patching failed" error. YES, I have more than 2 GB free diskspace on EVERY partition, and YES, I HAVE ALREADY REINSTALLED THE GAME several times from scratch.
> Next thing I tried which has helped me already on earlier BF2 Patches ( I got the Patching failed error with Patch 1.02 too) was, I copied the complete BF2 Game directory from a buddy of mine who was able to install the 1.03 Patch and replaced my own BF2 Game Directory with it.
> Now the Game was patched of course, started up normally but every time I want to connect to a internet server I get a message saying "Your CD-key is not valid"
> Then I completely uninstalled the game again, and reinstalled it in English from my German DVD Version. With this unpatched Installation I tried to connect to a internet Server - with SUCCESS! Everything worked as it should... invalid CD-key MY ASS!!!
> Next thing I tried was to manually install the 1.03 Patch by starting the Setup, then copying all Patch files from the temporary directory in c:\documents & settings\username\local settings\temp to the BF2 Game directory (which is on D:\Games\Battlefield 2) and starting the patch.exe
> The Patch seemed to work, my Installation is now patched (in main menu it says it is V. 1.1.2551.0) but AGAIN everytime I try to connect to ANY internet server, I get the "Your CD-key is not valid" message...
> For now I don't have any clues what causes this problem, I already tried to change my CD Key with the little tool EA provides in the Battlefield 2\Support Directory, without any success.
> Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!
> best regards
> Thomas Schlaefer a.k.a. $Le€P
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> cu
> [Karl]Aschnikof aka Butty
>    www.Synergy-LAN.de <http://www.Synergy-LAN.de>
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