Possible to disable commander?

Neal Clayton xayd at vae-victus.org
Thu May 19 05:07:18 EDT 2005

I've seen interviews floating about about BF2 but haven't seen anything 
set in stone about server options.

Will it be possible to disable the commander position for match play in 
BF2 on the server side?   The main concern stems from this article from 
someone who's played it in a recent demonstration...


The problem is the ability to see enemies on a radar is the "holiest of 
holies" as far as Battlefield games go.  99% of all cheaters banned from 
competition have been banned for radar use, and the competitive 
community won't really take well to a person on each team having a 
radar.  It would look quite silly if people banned for cheating with an 
illegal radar couldn't play a game that had a built-in radar ;).

Please allow the commander to be disabled via server option for match 
play.  As with other suggestions, leaving it on by default is fine, but 
competition and pubs are two completely different games, and imo the 
option should be there to enable and disable whatever we deem necessary 
for competitive play.

As stated by the person in the above article, all other commander 
functions can be performed by the various classes (medic, ammo, etc.), 
and since voice comms are used we don't need the communication of the 
commander position.  If these assumptions are true, alot of people will 
rather have the commander off than have a person with a radar running 
around in a match, even if the radar is on a timer.

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