Andreas: tournament settings, anything of this sort?

Neal Clayton xayd at
Fri May 13 20:24:45 EDT 2005

Match settings, whatever you wanna call them.  I'm not talking about 
team sizes or time limits or other things that might vary.

More talking about the competition mods and tournament settings in other 
games like Quake OSP or UT.  For instance, when set to tournament mode a 
server would not actually begin a map until everyone had "clicked in", 
indicating that they were ready.  Any running around killing each other 
before that point was not scored, but considered a warm-up time period. 
  There were also more detailed per-game statistics in UT that could be 
reviewed, such as individual vs individual kill/death stats by name (who 
killed who and how many times with what weapons), efficiency with 
certain weapons, etc.

Not saying all this stuff is absolutely necessary just seeing if any of 
it has been talked about or already implemented.

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