[bf1942] Automatic download of missing maps - Was: [bf1942] Since we now have our new Andreas ;)

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Mon May 9 11:39:10 EDT 2005

The problem would be the 'special client software' though -- No way to auto
download that. Sure, word of mouth will get some to us it, but still nowhere
near the numbers that would play custom maps (and create more!) if it was an
out-of-the-box or patch-provided feature.

A few groups attempted something very similiar for 1942/vietnam, and they
fizzled out because of the delivery problem of the client software..There's
no way to do it w/o the software at the client's end. :/

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Since we now have our new Andreas ;)

Hi everyone,

Of course it would be best if it could be integrated into the game but I
started think it might be possible anyway? Started to think about the Python
scripting Andreas F mentioned in
some earlier mail. Would it be possible to write some Python script that
actually could act as some intermediator to download missing map-files? If
there is an event in the server that indicates a player dropped due to
missing map or content file it might be possible to do this. One problem
though is on the client side, how to actually start to the download of the
missing content but one coudl have some special client software that players
have to install. The benefit for the player would be that they only have to
download this program once and it would help them get missing content.

Or is possible at the client side to catch events? Of course one
solution would be to have an external application that monitors the
connection to the server and check for map changes and then checks if
the right files exists and if not  downloads it from somewhere. The
tricky part there would be to know from where. But of course if all this
would be integrated would be nicest.


Neal Clayton wrote:

> Not only that but with the ability to http redirect we could work out
> our own hosting to not interfere with the game.  For instance some
> league sites host maps on open servers if the custom maps are approved
> for competition or in testing for competition approval, that way more
> people end up playing them and giving feedback to the map/mod authors
> as well as the leagues about whether or not they should use the custom
> map in question, etc.
> In short it's fine if such a thing were disabled by default and left
> to be enabled and configured only by competent server admins.  If the
> ability were given to us we would sort out the details on our own.
> Andreas Andersson wrote:
>> I can't argue with you on that! You are perfectly right.
>> I won't make any promises(as usual :)), but your ideas will be kept in
>> mind when for later patching.
>> Thanks
>> /Andreas
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>>> I'm afraid BF2 does not support any of that. :/
>>> Apperently, they thought about it, but felt that it would steal to much
>>> bandwidth from the server and affect the game-experience for the others
>>> on the server.
>> That issue could have  been handled by a configuration for max
>> bandwith usage per download slot, and max number of download slots,
>> couldn't it? Action item for later patch...? :-)
>>> The redirect feature would have solved that I guess, but we do not have
>>> time to implement that now. Sorry!
>> Also an action item for later patch? This solution would be
>> the preferred one I guess. For people (like us at Battlefield.no)
>> wich have a file server where we put all this stuff.
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