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Frode H panic at battlefield.no
Mon May 9 09:06:38 EDT 2005

Kalle wrote:
> (pretty good idea)

Hi Kalle, and all the rest of you. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Your idea is also good! Should Dice/EA fail to include
map-dl functionality, there are some things we can do.

There are (at least) two approaches. One where the server
gives the client an url to go download the maps from, and the
client goes and gets them itself. This is ok if the files are
located at a file-server somewhere. And the other is that the
client downloads the maps from the server, through the
daemon. This is better if the files must be located at the
gameserver, since it enables queuing and handling of
transfer rates and stuff like that.

Under any circumstances, the client (and also BF2 integrated
map-dl functionality, should Dice/EA provide it) should dl all
missing maps, according to the maplist you got from the
server, not just the next map. Some logic that sorts the map
dl-s in the order you need them, will of course be usefull.

Anyway, writing the server and client side applications to do
this is actually really simple. And the client can probably be
implemented in py, using the BF2 py-engine. But it can just
as easily (and maybe prefferably) be a completely separate thing.

So then the question is: Will Dice/EA incorporate this, or shall
we take a shot at it ourselves?

The custom-map scene would certaily love it if there surfaced
a solution to this. BF is made for custom maps. Just look at
what the FH-team managed to create! All they need is love,
and an easy way of distributing their maps to lazy players ;-p

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