1.61 update and BBO utils..

Neal Clayton xayd at vae-victus.org
Wed Mar 23 16:29:12 EST 2005

I looked around the forums on lightcubed and kevin's site and noticed 
some people reporting this but no solution.

Been awhile since I ran a server, but I decided to set one up last night 
to try some new custom maps out there.

Anyways, as of the 1.6 installation (fresh download) it worked fine of 
course, like it did before.  Running FreeBSD 4.10 with linux_base-8.  
The latest version of the BBO utils was able to perform all functions 
normally.  Immediately after updating the server with the 1.61 binary, 
the BBO utils "kinda" work.  The server manager can start the server, 
however it thinks the server has crashed so won't communicate with it.  
I can get into the server fine, and I can start it manually fine.

Anyone have this problem and fix it?

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