[bf1942] EA just cancelled the SDK for BF2 game's engine that can be used to modify/create virtually

Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
Wed Mar 23 09:45:41 EST 2005

Another thing I think is worth noting if anyone at EA is listening, is that 
as a software professional I have always noticed that people's first 
impression of a piece of software is their last impression.  If a game 
works well out of the box but has issues later on, I think, "it's a good, 
stable game but it had some issues that they fixed."  But, as in the case 
of bf1942, I think "it's a crappy game (technically) but I guess they 
eventually did fix it".

Despite the fact that I've been running the game crash-free for probably 
over a year now, but I still think of bf42 as a basically clunky game 
technically because of all he horribleness of the first few releases.  If 
the game had not had SO much potential, it would have died on the vine, as 
most other crashy games do.

BF2 will not be as revolutionary as bf42, and I don't know if it could 
survive a release like bf1942's, which would waste the effort already put 
into it.

At 06:03 AM 3/23/2005, you wrote:
>Andrew Von Niederhausern wrote:
>>I guess the move to hold BF2 until july wasn't such a good idea :-)
>Releasing an unfinished buggy game serves no one any good!
>Just look at the Tribes 2 release, it was a great game, with a large 
>fanbase from Starsige Tribes. But it was rushed out the door 6 months too 
>early, resulting in frustrated players, and low sales (as the many rumors 
>about bugs spread). They eventually fixed most of the bugs, but by then 
>the game had lost all its publicity buzz, and wasnt attracting new players.
>When EA pushes a game release 6 months further, they are infact dedicating 
>investments into making the game better. (by which account Duke Nukem 
>Forever will be the greatest game ever!)
>Rant: The only thing that has me worried, is EA's appaling record for 
>offering very limited online multiplayer gameplay options, few or none 
>dedicated servers, no linux servers,..... but hey they cant do any worse 
>than DICE when it comes to the laggy & sloppy ingame interface. (fx. not 
>even focusing in the text box when prompting for passwords.)

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