[bf1942] Something that has come up with server settings, and a reccomendation..

Neal Clayton xayd at vae-victus.org
Thu Mar 10 10:54:48 EST 2005

It doesn't matter whether you can tell the difference or not.

There isn't an admin present in every match, and regardless of whether 
there were or not players should not have to constantly check server 
settings to make sure they're not being changed.

Emailing a league admin with no proof that settings were altered mid 
match makes no difference if there is no proof,  and without the server 
notifying everyone that something has been changed, there is no proof. 

Markus, you're wrong, your scenario doesn't account for systems in which 
there is no time limit, and most league matches do not have time 
limits.  If there's no clock, there's nothing to compare the spawn delay to.

And as far as being a "newb" team, I don't believe the team I played for 
ever lost to yours.  Check the username on my email address.  Not only 
that but I've also admin'd a league when my brother and I ran the NBFL, 
you however have not.  We've all played just as long as you have, and 
the only reason this has recently come up is probably just blind luck, 
due to the fact that no one thought of abusing it before.  Or, perhaps 
more likely, when it was abused there was no indication of its being 
abused from the server so the person on the receiving end of server 
settings abuse simply didn't notice it.  I've also read and participated 
on this list alot longer than you have, going back to the old and now 
non-existant forum for the bf'42 linux server on icculus.org, so I don't 
need you to tell me what Dice does and does not do.  I don't expect this 
to be changed in a patch for bf'42, bf'42 is a dead game competitively, 
however it does need to be addressed for BF2 and the Dice employees who 
do read this list have been pretty good about fixing problems that arose 
with the server in the past.  This is a server issue, as much as a 
gameplay issue.

g00d wrote:

> If your not a "newb" team you can tell the difference when the spawn 
> time or FF damage or anything else that would cause you to lose a 
> match is "changed" by the other team.  My team has been playing the 
> game competitively since the 1.1 and have never had a problem. Not to 
> mention you posting to this list is not going to have anything 
> changed. DICE stopped adding changes to this game a long time ago.. If 
> you have issues with the other team email the league admins.
> -g00d
> www.BuckTooF.Net
> Albert Einstein wrote:
>> On Wed, 09 Mar 2005 22:27:09 +0100, Markus Thurlin 
>> <thurlin at algonet.se>  wrote:
>>> If something doesnt add up, you know somebody has changed the settings.
>> Sorry, this is BS. Do you really expect people to sit there and 
>> observe  the spawn waves while it would be a no-brainer for the 
>> server programmer  to show the log on the screen? Also it doesn't 
>> solve the FF problem.  Settings changable on-the-fly are basically 
>> good, but not without a clear  notice for the players.
>> (not quite) Albert Einstein

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