[bf1942] Something that has come up with server settings, and a reccomendation..

Neal Clayton xayd at vae-victus.org
Tue Mar 8 23:45:58 EST 2005

Spawntime and friendly fire, think about it.

1) change spawntime to 0 or 1 or 5 or something tiny when you get into 
defensive mode, so even if you start to lose a flag you get respawns 
before it goes grey
2) change friendlyfire if you lose a tank and have to clear a tank off 
of a flag with infantry, free grenade spam without having to worry about 
team killing.

These can be changed on the fly without a restart, and clearly affect 
match play.

I see nothing wrong with a broadcast of a setting being changed to the 
chat window.  If there are legitimate reasons for changing these in a 
pub, then broadcasting the changes when they're made is the only way, imo. 

Markus Thurlin wrote:

>If the setting affects gameplay so much, the team would notice the change
>I mean, there are not so many on-the-fly changes that would really affect
>Free/chasecam, friendlyfire, allow nosecam/externalviews, roundtime
>etc...they all are easy to spot.
>Unless you tell us the exact setting you are worried about, we cant help you
>Im afraid.
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>>This shouldn't be surprising, nor should it be surprising that it only
>>came up late in a game's competitive lifespan, since newb teams that no
>>one has heard of are the only people who will pull this stuff, to try to
>>win newb matches that no one cares about except themselves ;).
>>Either way, there are settings that can be changed "on the fly" without
>>restarting the current map on the bf'42 server, possibly bf:v server as
>>well since they're similar.  No need to mention what they are, suffice
>>to say that they are plenty to affect the outcome of a match.
>>Any setting that affects gameplay should require a map restart to take
>>effect.  If there's a reason for settings to be changed on the fly,
>>changes to server settings should be broadcast to all players when
>>they're made.  The reasons are pretty obvious, it's not feasible to
>>constantly query the server to make sure the game's settings are not
>>being changed on you while you're playing.

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