[bf1942] Sorting out the lag-issue

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at internode.com.au
Wed Jun 29 09:58:56 EDT 2005

just to let you know

we use the stand alone voip servers for ours
and we see the rubberband bugs


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> Hello,
> This is very interesting. We have not seen any relation between VoIP and
> the rubberband-bug. But that's not saying that there is no relation.
> Could you please report if this removes the bug or maybe if it doesn't?
> I thought I should give an update on what we know about this bug.
> We have been working hard with this here and have found several bugs in
> the networking code that could explain things. Some of the fixes were
> included in the demo, which is a later build than the one we sent out to
> production (2446.12 > 2442). This explains why people haven't seen the
> issue as much there. Other fixes was done after 2446, and will be
> included in the patch we will release "soon".
> It wasn't really an issue with the speed of the internet-connection or
> the speed of the machine running the server. It was rather how the
> server prioritized which objects it should send updates about to which
> clients. If the client doesn't receive object-updates it will try to
> update their position based on the latest information it has (basic
> interpolation). This makes objects behave weird when updates are not
> frequent enough. 
> Hopefully we have fixed all issues concerning this. If not we should at
> least have made things a lot better. I guess we'll see the truth of it
> when we release the patch :)
> /AndreasA
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> From: "Andre Schackt" <anschack at broadpark.no>
>> Steven: if I understand you correctly: you're not seeing these issues
> at all?
> We have had customer complaining about lag on large servers turning off
> VOIP fixed it for all of them we have seen so far.
> Also for customers using old Nvidia drivers turning off soft shadow
> fixes
> major FPS issues.
> N.B. quite a few people cant use the latest "BF2" Nvidia drivers due to
> crashes when using other games e.g. UnrealTournament 1999 and 
> Lego StarWars
>    Steve / K

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