[bf1942] BF Conversion - Project AutoMap

Anton Jansen gradius at fmf.nl
Mon Jun 27 11:10:24 EDT 2005

Atomm Nihilo - Gamers Radio wrote:

> This is part of the reason I wanted to post this to the list. From my
>experience, you can do anything you want with code, it's just a matter
>of figuring out how. ;-) You know this stuff more than anyone. Thinking
>outside the box, could a client side python script be written to
>interact with the server and place the maps in the correct location?
> From what I could figure out, the whole Demo download process was basic
>the exact same thing I am proposing. The server offers a link to the map
>and the client puts it in the correct location. It's already being done
>with the Demo, so how can we do this with the maps?
> As for map size of the maps, let's create a proof of concept, then
>figure out how to use compression to minimize the bandwidth impact.
>Another thought is if everyone offered this, maps would only have to be
>downloaded once. Eventually, the more popular custom maps will be
>offered all over the place and you will get an economy of scale. In
>fact, it would actually take less bandwidth over time than offering
>every single player a demo copy of every single match.
Bottom line is that you need a client side application to get this to 
work. As long as this is not provided with the game (e.g. in an official 
patch), it never will be that popular. If you go the route of a client 
side application, you could create a mod which will do this for you, I 

With kind regards,

Anton Jansen

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