[bf1942] BF Conversion - Project AutoMap

Atomm - Gamers Radio atomm at gamersradio.com
Mon Jun 27 12:35:39 EDT 2005

That is a good point. If we could get this working, then offer it to the
mods, do you think that would be enough to convince DICE to implement it?

If it comes to that, I would actually see about creating a mod just for
custom maps. I initially planned that, but decided against it. If all else
fails, it's my back up plan.

One way or another, we must make it easier for Custom Maps to be played.

Atomm Nihilo
Head Lunatic

> Bottom line is that you need a client side application to get this to
> work. As long as this is not provided with the game (e.g. in an official
> patch), it never will be that popular. If you go the route of a client
> side application, you could create a mod which will do this for you, I
> suppose.
> With kind regards,
> Anton Jansen

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