[bf1942] BF2 VOIP Partially Broken

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Mon Jun 27 00:44:19 EDT 2005

I tried completely turning off the IPTABLES firewall today, and testing..
Still didn't work.

Its possible that it is the providers firewall between me and the internet,
however, there are no ports blocked..

As well, Windows VOIP seems to work 100%..

The other interesting thing, is I setup a windows standalone voip server,
and pointed the linux BF2 server to it, and it kicked all players out of the
game, while still having the server running.  Not nice.

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> last night a buddy and I was playing, and he could hear me, but not I him.
> checked the lgos and sure enough..there it was..lots of drops.
> This is strange as my fw is statefull and allows replies from iniated
> connections.

Check the packet timing. A router doing UDP over NAT can drop the NAT table 
entry if no packet is seen after 60 seconds. Most routers have a generous 
margin, 90-120 seconds. But it's up to the app to send at least a dummy 
packet once a minute. TeamSpeak used to have this problem because it didn't 
send that dummy packet often enough. Some routers had a bug in that they 
had a relatively long timeout (5-10 minutes) but it was a fixed length and 
didn't reset when a new packet came in, so the TS connection would drop 
when the router timeout ran out.

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