[bf1942] BF2 Event Logging

Forrest Thiessen thiessen at alum.mit.edu
Thu Jun 16 16:26:11 EDT 2005

I like that idea--all my stuff is uses MySQL, and, absolutely right, it
would be way cool to see the stats in real time.  On the other hand, a
Python thingy that generated XML log files would have the benefit of
working more or less as-is with all the existing stats systems.

Hmmm. . . cool or compatible. . . I think I like your idea, better!


Joe wrote:

> Heck, can we write a python -> sql connector!? If so, no more parser
> and LIVE stats updates! The php end of it is easy if we can get the
> game feeding events into an sql database. Maybe even have it funnel
> all the logs to one sql db then parse that db for the data we want,
> still need a parser but might be easier to manage..Hmmm..
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>     I asked shiny about supporting bf2 with selectbf and he just
>     avoided the question, then failed to respond at all. I'm more
>     interested in writing my own from the ground up than working with
>     that pile of patches. A _LOT_ of work would be needed to be done
>     to selectbf to bring it to the point where it can handle bf2's
>     features fully, and well, I just don't see it worthwhile in it's
>     current state. I've pulled it apart complete including the parser
>     to change things here and there, and we can do this so much faster
>     by dropping that crap java parser and moving on I'd say.
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>         Ugh.  Looking through some of the Python stuff, I saw the
>         "hooks" that could be used to do this, so you're right, it can
>         be done. . . I was kind of hoping BF2 would start out with the
>         same XML log files that BFV introduced, though, and then left
>         it to the "community" to take it further.
>         I guess I'll give some thought to what it would take to
>         implement BFV-style XML logs.  Again, ugh.
>         --Forrest
>         Brigham Stevens wrote:
>>I believe there is no default logging.
>>It is something that you have to hook into with python to come up with
>>an actual log file. EA left it for the community to implement... I'm
>>hoping that someone (heheh) will fix it up so the log files are close to
>>the old log format and then we can fix up selectbf easily to do it, but
>>it might make sense to do something else.
>>Forrest Thiessen wrote:
>>>Has anyone figured out how to turn on event logging in the BF2 demo
>>>server? I've tried several obvious things (like sv.serverEventLogging
>>>1), with no joy.

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