[bf1942] BF2 Event Logging

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Thu Jun 16 16:19:33 EDT 2005

Heck, can we write a python -> sql connector!? If so, no more parser and
LIVE stats updates! The php end of it is easy if we can get the game feeding
events into an sql database. Maybe even have it funnel all the logs to one
sql db then parse that db for the data we want, still need a parser but
might be easier to manage..Hmmm..
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  I asked shiny about supporting bf2 with selectbf and he just avoided the
question, then failed to respond at all. I'm more interested in writing my
own from the ground up than working with that pile of patches. A _LOT_ of
work would be needed to be done to selectbf to bring it to the point where
it can handle bf2's features fully, and well, I just don't see it worthwhile
in it's current state. I've pulled it apart complete including the parser to
change things here and there, and we can do this so much faster by dropping
that crap java parser and moving on I'd say.
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    Ugh.  Looking through some of the Python stuff, I saw the "hooks" that
could be used to do this, so you're right, it can be done. . . I was kind of
hoping BF2 would start out with the same XML log files that BFV introduced,
though, and then left it to the "community" to take it further.

    I guess I'll give some thought to what it would take to implement
BFV-style XML logs.  Again, ugh.


    Brigham Stevens wrote:
I believe there is no default logging.
It is something that you have to hook into with python to come up with
an actual log file. EA left it for the community to implement... I'm
hoping that someone (heheh) will fix it up so the log files are close to
the old log format and then we can fix up selectbf easily to do it, but
it might make sense to do something else.

Forrest Thiessen wrote:

  Has anyone figured out how to turn on event logging in the BF2 demo
server? I've tried several obvious things (like sv.serverEventLogging
1), with no joy.


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