[bf1942] Another angle

ScratchMonkey ScratchMonkey at MatureAsskickers.net
Wed Jun 15 21:31:38 EDT 2005

--On Thursday, June 16, 2005 10:45 AM +1000 David Harrison 
<trogspam at games.telstra.com> wrote:

> Assuming that it is actually possible to unlock the weapons on the server
> side (ie, unless EA make Dice block this functionality through the python
> scripting), I can't see how they hope to achieve limiting the 'unlocked'
> servers. I assume that the python scripting will allow users to make
> their own master servers - they might not be compatible with GameSpy, but
> I'm sure they'd work with other software. I wonder if ASE will have its
> own master server list?

You hardly need to hack the game to create a separate master server system. 
Just wrap the server binary in a script that pings your new master on entry 
and pings it again on exit. The master then periodically issues a regular 
qstat status query to your server to fill in the details. You could 
probably implement the ping with an IRC bot so that the master can be 
distributed over several IRC servers. This eliminates single point of 
failure and allows volunteers to contribute servers from all over the 

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