[bf1942] Another angle

David Harrison trogspam at games.telstra.com
Wed Jun 15 20:45:13 EDT 2005

> Assuming BF2 1.0 (that went gold two weeks ago) is the same as the
> demo in terms of Python, then the mods people are doing now will work
> with the full game. However, from what I have been told by Ben smith
> of EA, any server that uses a server side mod to enable unlocks will
> be removed from the server list. I imagine if they can figure out a
> way to stop people from joining direct to IP they would, or they will
> change the way the py scripts work to stop people from doing this.

I don't see how they can stop people joining direct to an IP without 
seriously impacting GameSpy Arcade. If you do bf2.exe +help on the win32 
full version you get all the command line options (which I believe 
aren't implemented/don't work in the demo) but it seems likely that 
you'll be able to join a server externally from the game (which is 
good - we have our own server browser that we want to support like 

Assuming that it is actually possible to unlock the weapons on the 
server side (ie, unless EA make Dice block this functionality through 
the python scripting), I can't see how they hope to achieve limiting the 
'unlocked' servers. I assume that the python scripting will allow users 
to make their own master servers - they might not be compatible with 
GameSpy, but I'm sure they'd work with other software. I wonder if ASE 
will have its own master server list?

-- david

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