[bf1942] Another angle

Lance Woollett baalzaman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 19:14:24 EDT 2005

Well with the full release ASE will have a filter that also allows the
browser to join the game via the command line (hopefully) - the demo
had the +joinServer function disabled which has prevented the ASE
people releasing a filter (refer:
http://www.udpsoft.com/forum/topic.cgi?forum=4&topic=58&start=10 ) -
which to a fair extent will neuter EA's ability to block servers like

Just hope that wasn't wishful thinking on my part :)

On 6/16/05, [RNGD]Tyrant <tyrant at rngd.net> wrote:
> However, from what I have been told by Ben smith of EA, any server
> that uses a server side mod to enable unlocks will be removed from the
> server list. I imagine if they can figure out a way to stop people from
> joining direct to IP they would, or they will change the way the py scripts
> work to stop people from doing this.
> EA's position is that the only mod they will allow is a client/server mod
> which has rebuilt the 'unlock' weapons from scratch.
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> Personally, before I buy the game just as a player, I want to make sure I
> will be able to find and play on servers with the weapons all
> unlocked.  From beginning to end, I am profoundly turned off by the idea of
> having to "earn" better weapons when I just want to jump on a server and
> game for a few hours.  And I believe that my blend of hardcore/yet casual
> is probably a very common type.
> At 03:58 PM 6/15/2005, you wrote:
> >I understand why they did this for the demo, although labeling all admins
> as
> >'part of the hacker community' was totally over the top. And did you notice
> >how they used this as another excuse not to make the ranked server
> available
> >to dedicated server managers (they just slipped that in). The whole EA
> >propaganda machine with this and previous statements is trying to get the
> >message out  there: EA Ranked Servers Good, all other servers evil.
> >
> >The bigger problem is the future of server side mods. This unlisting policy
> >will go forward in the real game. We have this cool python thing, so what
> >can and cant we edit?  There are no guidelines...so will EA continueally
> >just use the crude method of banning servers as they find something they
> >don't like, or will they give us some guidelines?
> >
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> >--On Wednesday, June 15, 2005 6:10 PM +0930 Adam Hobbs
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> >
> > > If EA does not wish to have weapons unlocked, that is their perogative.
> > > If they wish a 12 min time limit that is also their perogative.  It is
> > > their code.
> > > What will happen from this is you will end up with many people not
> > > bothering to buy the content to play the "mini-release" .
> >
> > >From a marketing standpoint, it would be much more effective to leave the
> >unlocked time-unlimited servers going until release day, then politely
> >request that all admins running demo servers reinstate the limits, or be
> >de-listed. That way we all get to play the game we've preordered for the
> >next week and then everyone who hasn't preordered is severely addicted and
> >forced to get the real game to go back to unlocked time-unlimited play.

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