[bf1942] Another angle

Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
Thu Jun 16 15:17:01 EDT 2005

Actually I would respectfully disagree, and assert that they could indeed 
force you to use gamespy only.  If you look at the current crop of cable 
boxes that, to my knowledge, have not yet been "hacked" despite being out 
for several years, you might agree.  When you can have a sort of rotating 
hash system the only way to really hack it is to break the encryption, 
which is not that easy to do.

In fact, it really annoys me that I can't copy recorded shows from my 
Scientific Atlanta PVR, so if anyone knows of a hack to do it, I'd really 
love a private email!

But my point is only that it could be made very, very hard if the binary 
will accept only a verified gamespy query to start the client.

At 08:31 PM 6/15/2005, you wrote:
>You hardly need to hack the game to create a separate master server 
>system. Just wrap the server binary in a script that pings your new master 
>on entry and pings it again on exit. The master then periodically issues a 
>regular qstat status query to your server to fill in the details. You 
>could probably implement the ping with an IRC bot so that the master can 
>be distributed over several IRC servers. This eliminates single point of 
>failure and allows volunteers to contribute servers from all over the planet.

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