[bf1942] Modding v Hacking

Dave Snodgrass packtloss at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 14:27:05 EDT 2005

This is what EA has posted on their boards:
"The issue is not with modding. 

As stated in yesterday's release Battlefield 2 will be highly
supportive of modders and variations built on the BF2 engine. The
issue lies, moreover, with the fact that this is just the demo and it
is being extended beyond its intended length and feature set by
modders against the EULA.

The demo is intended to give gamers a taste of the Battlefield
experience to come rather than giving away everything in one go.

No such issue will exist with the full release. "

however, this somehow conflicts with:

"We don't want any mods including the unlocks. If they build their own
version of the weapons, and I mean completely from scratch, that's a
different thing entirely. However, simply "unlocking" the items
through the server or pulling the content from the zips and including
DICE's art for the weapons in a mod will be a no-no."

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