[bf1942] Response from EA regarding server Bans

Tank tank at shss.de
Tue Jun 14 19:43:14 EDT 2005

That is by far over the line!
Nearly speechless about this behaviour against potential customers - I
would love to meet this braindead person within EA who ordered this
childish reaction at all. 

Do I remember correctly that the BF1942 demo contained Wake as a full
level without any restrictions and wasn't that one major point that made
our decision so easy to support this game. 

3 years later all that EA learned is how to bullshit customers and

Thank you! Sorry Dice that you are surrounded by a**ho**s. You must be
crying to tears reading this list in past 2 days.

I will let my supporters decide by this week how we are going to handle
this in regards of sponsoring public servers for the upcoming BF2
season, after we all spent more than a "few" bucks in paying our traffic
bills in the past years - not to mention the hours everybody invested
into this game and its players - I simply don't know how to motivate
them any longer to invest - when all the reward is a simple but painfull
slap in the face.

Again - truly and deeply disappointed by EA. This all looks more and
more like someone recognized how much money the competitors like
Blizzard can make by forcing players to play on their environment
It looks like EA would love to get rid of the independent public server
providers in order to prepare a subscriber only service for BF2! 
You know what  guys at EA - I am really sorry that you missed this
marketing strategy but this is no excuse at all. And calling me a
"hacker" for putting an extra "#" into a clear text file - is just
simply another bad joke that comes 2 month too late as the first of
April is long gone by today.  

And not to forget I give a sh** on an "official" response from EA as
none of them had the balls to use this list to inform the admins of how
EA sees the EULA for BF2. 



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Can you get an official response sent to this list?
Most of the server admins are on it.
All this second hand crap is getting really annoying.....

[RNGD]Tyrant wrote:

>I sent my contact (for interviews and stuff) an email about this issue,

>they have confirmed that they are indeed banning people....here is the 
>Yes, we have temporarily blocked servers that have made certain hacks -

>taking out the time limit or accessing all the unlocks.  It's certainly

>possible to get unbanned - the current bans for first offenders are 
>just for a couple of days - repeat offenders will get longer penalties.

>The bottom line is we are completely supportive of mods (that offer 
>new/tweaked gameplay), but will not tolerate hacks that get around some

>of our important gameplay elements (like the unlock system).
>We will not permit mods that provide access to all the unlocks (on the 
>ranked servers anyway) - that defeats the whole purpose of the ranking 
>system.  It's not the same as the M60/Law issue, which was simply a 
>balance tweak.
>We are putting together announcement to clear up this and some other 
>I then asked him a follow up question about if they would allow an 
>'unlock mod' for the full version and he said that would be ok, for 
>unranked servers only.
>By the way I am new to the group, but I am the cofounder of 
>www.igsoa.com and we have been hounding EA about this ranked server 
>issue for months, and we will keep doing it. One thing I can report is 
>they are going to allow more hosts to rent ranked servers (Art of War 
>announced today they are part of the program)

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