[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

Neal Clayton xayd at vae-victus.org
Tue Jun 7 03:25:45 EDT 2005

actually I see this is a potential benefit for the competitive 
community, for the following reasons...

1) competition does not entail pub servers so it doesn't really matter 
what players on pubs do or don't do, or what their "ranks" are.  people 
who really want to play the game competitively couldn't care less
2) these souped up unlockable weapons from pub play don't belong in 
competition, so it's a good thing that they'll have to be disabled for 
3) several of us in the US have tried on multiple occasions to ween the 
average clan player from pub games.  we've set up private servers, we've 
run pickup games, we've even run pickup game tournaments, but people 
will not let go of pubs.  if this is the nail in the coffin for 
competitive players playing on pubs all day, all the better.  in every 
other game there is a distinct line between competition and pubs, and 
it's not difficult to find other players who play the game competitively 
to play with, whether it just be passworded servers or pickup games.  so 
anything that kills pub play for competitive players i'm all for, 
battlefield needs that distinct line between pubs and competition badly.

why?  if you're playing for one of said top teams, the game gets old 
quick, because there's nothing to play outside of matches.  and if you 
draw a newer team in a match in any given week, you get no fun that week 
at all.  and why is that the case?  because new teams in these 
battlefield games don't put any effort into competition.  they'd rather 
pub for 12 hours a day than spend 1 hour working on a strat that 
actually works and presenting decent competition for a change.  the best 
term I can think of to describe the competitive community of battlefield 
games is 'gimped'.

if this change by EA manages to drag people who sign up to compete but 
only play pubs kicking and screaming away from their pub games, then so 
be it.  i'm tired of not having fun in battlefield games because there's 
nothing to play except pub games.

you can call me an arrogant bastard if you want but the above is the truth.

down with pub games, let the EA stats players have them.

InCisT wrote:

> Joe wrote:
>> The solution that has been brought up by many admins, in many forums 
>> and on
>> lists, is to provide a way to enable a local stat database. Even if it's
>> just doable via the py engine and remains a third party product that 
>> would
>> be a very great in-between. It would lack the 'global' effect of their
>> rankings, be subject to shady administration, but still give the server
>> owners access to all of the game's features.
>> We run selectbf on our webserver. It has its quirks, but surely it 
>> could be
>> lightly modded to work with bf2 & ranks (SQL+php based, for those 
>> that don't
>> know. Parser is in java). I'm betting unlocks won't be available via the
>> python interface, even if stat/rank logging is (for parsing by something
>> such as selecbtf). Quite disappointing, but at this point expected..
> I plan to mod my parser (all php based, support for multiple servers 
> for a combined ranking, or filtering out just for the servers in the 
> groups you play on, filtering for class/gun/armor/whatever) and stats 
> over ASAP, but I have alot of work to do for this switch, not sure how 
> long it would take me ;(  I will throw a URL on this list when its 
> done.  Im not condoning hacking the server, but if the weapons and 
> packs and such are in the client side files, and in the server files, 
> they will be unlocked shortly after release, you can count on the 
> hackers and crackers when you cant count on the software makers.
> InCisT

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