[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Tue Jun 7 01:56:21 EDT 2005

Chris Adams wrote:

>"I think everyone would be happy if EA would allow anyone to apply to be
>a ranking server.   As long as there's some controls, there shouldn't be
>a prob"
>That would be the best way forward just from EA's point of view it isn't
>really financially viable. They would have to have someone working full
>time, possibly several people, simply to process the requests. The
>problem then is that it takes one person with a disassembler, or a
>legitimate host, sharing their network with an promiscuous-mode AES
>cracker. Perhaps EA have second thoughts about the whole thing but
>they've started so they'll finish?
>Chris Adams
>GameSwitch Ltd.
>(0871) 218 GAME
>+44 (0)871 218 426

First of all, chris sorry for the direct flame, maybe it was a bit on 
the harsh side. Where i come from you dont fuck your customers over, I 
run BF/DC/BFV servers only, because I love the game and am very serious 
about this issue. I have played on 3 or 4 different CAL/TWL top ranked 
teams and thats where my clients come from.  The way EA puts it is that 
Go play on a server we dont host, to fuck around, tk, and learn then 
come to our servers. The main problem I see with this is that as Clan 
servers go these "pubbies" dont last long before getting banned, which 
will just fill MY banlists on the 30+ servers I run, and will just 
garner me complaints from MY users.  I own 6 copies of BF1942, 3 of BFV 
just becuase everyone I know had to play this game with me.. Where does 
EA get off stating that dedicated players/hosters like us get screwed 
out of content?

I dont know if you have ever played a MMO but take WoW for example. If 
Blizzard decided to cut off access to Molten Core (the highest level 
dungeon in the game right now) to anyone who DID NOT buy the game form 
thier e-shop do you think there would be an outrage?  I can see it now, 
the clans that are expecting to move to BF2 (about 21 of my servers come 
the end of this month) and the people that use them constant bombardment 
of "wHy CaNt I b3 a GeNrAlz hErE n UsE tHe 1337 GuN" and such that will 
be ALL over my forums/AIM/EMAIL. Do you think we deserve this?

Im glad your making money, thats super, but its dirty money from a 
filthy source. Go ahead, take the money out of the pockets of poeple who 
DONT agree to EA fucking the clans over...


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