Need a bit of help getting off the ground...

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at
Mon Jul 25 01:14:57 EDT 2005


Perhaps with 1.03 coming up and a whopping 140 fixes
I best get moving and get something up.  Only problem
is I don't think my config file is bring read.  In addition the
status monitor still starts up.

My script  is installed in /home/bf2/bf2/
It contains:
      exec /home/bf2/bf2 +dedicated +multi +noStatusMonitor 1 +loadLevel 
gulf_of_oman +maxPlayers 32   +port 16567 +config settings/trv-serverconf.con

The config file is at:


Maplist is at same directory as config file... settings/maplist.con

In the server config file, I have many things set, including the IP address 
as A.B.C.D,
but when it starts up, it defaults to the default eth0 interface...  I 
suspect it is lack
of being familiar with the directory structure. I tries a few things, but 
with no luck.
Might explain why it does not show up on the browser as well..

I don't think the config is being loaded.  I also get a status monitor even 
though I have
noStatusMonitor set to 1.  I know U can't background it. I thought this was 
Or are we still using screen?




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