[bf1942] Need a bit of help getting off the ground...

Robert Mount rmount at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 11:06:14 EDT 2005


Make sure you have these two lines in your config:

sv.serverIP "a.b.c.d"
sv.interfaceIP "a.b.c.d"

Both should be the same IP.  I use the default config file name
(serversetting.con) and don't specify it on the command line.  I'm
also using screen for my linux servers.

For the most part, i'm not willing to take the extra 10%+ cpu hit on
my linux boxes so my servers are mostly Windows.


On 7/25/05, Mark J. DeFilippis <defilm at acm.org> wrote:
>  My start.sh script  is installed in /home/bf2/bf2/start.sh
>  It contains:
>       exec /home/bf2/bf2 +dedicated +multi +noStatusMonitor 1 +loadLevel
> gulf_of_oman +maxPlayers 32   +port 16567 +config
> settings/trv-serverconf.con 
>  The config file is at:
>  /home/bf2/bf2/mods/bf2/settings/trv-serverconf.con

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