[bf1942] v.103 Announcement

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Sun Jul 24 19:38:36 EDT 2005

What he said.

What REALLY ticked me off was not the fact that it was broken, but the fact
that they "tested" it for about 2 weeks and it had a NASTY memory leak that
everyone else noticed within the first hour.

As far as keeping out admins with low IQ's, we should just use Darwinism..
if they can't figure it out, it won't work for them, and they will fail at

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> I don't get it... Two weeks ago after the release of the 1.02 patch
> everybody started bagging EA for their lack of testing and rushing the
> patch out. Now, people are saying 'scale it down and release it more
> often'?

I think you missed the part where they sit on a patch claiming to test it, 
then release it broken. My request was that they just skip the testing 
part, because it's not working for *them* to test it, and it just slows 
down the process.

We're already told that the server is "unsupported", so what difference 
does it make if it doesn't get "tested" by their QA?

Note that I don't suggest this for clients. Only for compatible server 
changes (ie. those that don't change the wire protocol or otherwise require 
a client change). Because older releases remain compatible, admins don't 
have to install the bleeding edge. They can forgo the latest fixes, just 
like "Enterprise" Linux admins can stay with very old versions in the name 
of stability, and wait for officially blessed releases. I personally don't 
believe in "blessed" releases and if I want to be stable, I'll just load 
what's been in the wild for a few days and demonstrated its stability in 
real world situations. And if I have spare capacity, I can load the 
bleeding edge on a test server.

The client browser needs to clearly indicate the server version, and the 
user base needs to be informed that the client can work with multiple 
server versions, as works in UT2004.

Now maybe we need an admin IQ test to get to the beta download page, to 
keep out admins with no ability to do basic debugging.

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