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Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Sat Jul 23 15:15:34 EDT 2005

Because not everyone enjoys having to spend zillions of hours on end to
really be able to enjoy the game..see everything..fps have always been
easier to jump into it for a few quick games without being uberly
restricted. bf2's unlocks toe that line IMHO, but they had somewhat of a
clue and didn't make them uber-guns or anything.

My two cents..I still am on staff roster at what at least was a pretty large
rpg (circle/diku) mud (lord knows I spent enough time at that game!), and
have tried my fair share of mmorpg's over the years, and still remain a fps
fan for those reasons over all.

I don't see any other super great games coming out..Nothing's impressed me
that much..I'm waiting for a better pc halo (dont even say unreal) sorta
game myself. Halo kinda sucked imo, but combine it with bf2's better points
and it could turn out pretty cool I'd think.
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  A Tiger never changes it's stripes.

  Surprised?  Why?   Metal Of Honor.  Nuf said.

  We still have no BF2 server up, and the disappointment
  has turned it's focus on me, the multi-game clan founder,
  to anger at the game flaws.  But gamers have short memories...

  With COD2 in pre-sales now, and Day of Defeat H/L Mod going
  in to Pre-sale for Summer 2005 release,  BF2 will be quickly
  forgotten. Not even to mention the MMRPG that are sucking people
  from the Genre. WOW,  Guilded, Matrix , and one popping up
  daily,  How long before someone sees the light and says:

  "Damn, look at the WWII FPS, Imagine a MMRPG where you are
  a soldier in the overall wars of WW2, and Realm's are campaigns,
  you have a career, skill".  Honestly, I would dump the clan thing
  in a second and Jump at this.  A recent poll on {TRv} website
  was almost unanimous.  It could be awesome!

  Geez, this is a really good business idea come to think of it.
  Which in my life, since I am always late on execution, it is
  already in development somewhere and not yet announced.
  I am always a step too late...  Great strategic vision, as that
  is what I do for a living, and being right is what they pay me for.
  But late on any entrepreneurial execution.  Damn.

  Anyone heard anything like this?

  Mark J. DeFilippis

  At 05:56 PM 7/22/2005, you wrote:

    > Let *us* test them. Admins are the best front-line guys to funnel
    > reports and filter out the chaff from their users. Look at the way
    > handles this.
    > Are they paying attention to the bug reports and RFE's on the
    > wiki?

    I think it's safe to say at this point that Dice and EA have some
    issues with communication.  EA also has a particularly nasty habit of
    thinking things through which almost certainly means that they not only
    aren't paying attention to the bug reports on the wiki but they also
    care one whit about them either.  One would think that common sense
    drive them to the same conclusions we have reached about testing new
    yet here we are receiving the mushroom treatment once again.

    Sadly, this isn't the only issue being ignored.  Many here have made
    very simple and reasonable requests that have yet to be even
    After all, how hard would it be for someone to actually respond to
    like whether or not we can expect documentation on the python interface?
    literally takes 10 seconds to say something like, "I'll check on it and
    you know next Thursday.  I'm really swamped right now." or "EA won't
    me to reply to that question." or simply "No, we aren't going to release
    that information."  Instead we are forced to rely on second-hand
    from people who are in EA's inner circle of ranked server providers
    to you guys for helping spread the word) and occasional replies to only
    few selected messages from the Dice crew.  The rest of the time we get
    nothing at all and are left to fend for ourselves.  The fact that nobody
    addressed some of the valid issues that have been raised is nothing
short of
    insulting.  This lack of communication is undeniably deliberate as well
    completely unprofessional.  What I find most unusual is that both
    aren't more engaged.  We all know them to be reasonable people who care
    about this product yet they are conspicuously absent.  Why they are not
    taking the time to sound off on these issues is quite puzzling indeed.

    If true accountability ever becomes part of the equation we will be able
    expect better results.  Until that happens, I wager we can expect more
    the same unresponsiveness we have been getting so far.  EA has no
    to do anything other than what they're doing right now which equates to
    motivation for change.  I just hope that someone proves this theory
    and actually takes the initiative to start working with the community to
    make things better.

  Mark J. DeFilippis                    defilm at acm.org
                                        defilm at ieee.org

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