[bf1942] v.103 Announcement

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Sat Jul 23 13:33:21 EDT 2005

A Tiger never changes it's stripes.

Surprised?  Why?   Metal Of Honor.  Nuf said.

We still have no BF2 server up, and the disappointment
has turned it's focus on me, the multi-game clan founder,
to anger at the game flaws.  But gamers have short memories...

With COD2 in pre-sales now, and Day of Defeat H/L Mod going
in to Pre-sale for Summer 2005 release,  BF2 will be quickly
forgotten. Not even to mention the MMRPG that are sucking people
from the Genre. WOW,  Guilded, Matrix , and one popping up
daily,  How long before someone sees the light and says:

"Damn, look at the WWII FPS, Imagine a MMRPG where you are
a soldier in the overall wars of WW2, and Realm's are campaigns,
you have a career, skill".  Honestly, I would dump the clan thing
in a second and Jump at this.  A recent poll on {TRv} website
was almost unanimous.  It could be awesome!

Geez, this is a really good business idea come to think of it.
Which in my life, since I am always late on execution, it is
already in development somewhere and not yet announced.
I am always a step too late...  Great strategic vision, as that
is what I do for a living, and being right is what they pay me for.
But late on any entrepreneurial execution.  Damn.

Anyone heard anything like this?

Mark J. DeFilippis

At 05:56 PM 7/22/2005, you wrote:
> > Let *us* test them. Admins are the best front-line guys to funnel problem
> > reports and filter out the chaff from their users. Look at the way UT2004
> > handles this.
> >
> > Are they paying attention to the bug reports and RFE's on the technical
> > wiki?
>I think it's safe to say at this point that Dice and EA have some serious
>issues with communication.  EA also has a particularly nasty habit of not
>thinking things through which almost certainly means that they not only
>aren't paying attention to the bug reports on the wiki but they also don't
>care one whit about them either.  One would think that common sense would
>drive them to the same conclusions we have reached about testing new code
>yet here we are receiving the mushroom treatment once again.
>Sadly, this isn't the only issue being ignored.  Many here have made other
>very simple and reasonable requests that have yet to be even acknowledged.
>After all, how hard would it be for someone to actually respond to questions
>like whether or not we can expect documentation on the python interface?  It
>literally takes 10 seconds to say something like, "I'll check on it and let
>you know next Thursday.  I'm really swamped right now." or "EA won't allow
>me to reply to that question." or simply "No, we aren't going to release
>that information."  Instead we are forced to rely on second-hand information
>from people who are in EA's inner circle of ranked server providers (thanks
>to you guys for helping spread the word) and occasional replies to only a
>few selected messages from the Dice crew.  The rest of the time we get
>nothing at all and are left to fend for ourselves.  The fact that nobody has
>addressed some of the valid issues that have been raised is nothing short of
>insulting.  This lack of communication is undeniably deliberate as well as
>completely unprofessional.  What I find most unusual is that both Andreas's
>aren't more engaged.  We all know them to be reasonable people who care
>about this product yet they are conspicuously absent.  Why they are not
>taking the time to sound off on these issues is quite puzzling indeed.
>If true accountability ever becomes part of the equation we will be able to
>expect better results.  Until that happens, I wager we can expect more of
>the same unresponsiveness we have been getting so far.  EA has no incentive
>to do anything other than what they're doing right now which equates to zero
>motivation for change.  I just hope that someone proves this theory wrong
>and actually takes the initiative to start working with the community to
>make things better.

Mark J. DeFilippis                    defilm at acm.org
                                       defilm at ieee.org

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