[bf1942] Non-Global Ranking

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Tue Jul 12 14:16:12 EDT 2005

Quite a few projects are coming around to provide local rankings, but you
can't do the unlocks and stuff (not even sure if the ranks can be done)
legally w/o being officially ranked. They will delist your server from the
browser if they catch ya. I'm not saying it's right (here it comes!) but
that's just how it is.

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Looking at the settings, there is a var for using "Global" rankings...  To
me this implies a possibility or future existance of "local" rankings...
Does anyone know if this exists, or is planned, as I haven't heard
anything about it...  For my community, that would be perfect, since we
can ensure the validity of rankings, and players would have stronger ties
to specific servers, and build stronger communities...

Leave the Global rankings to the statwhores.

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