[bf1942] Non-Global Ranking

Dave Snodgrass packtloss at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 14:38:19 EDT 2005

No, you just cant unlock the EA weapons. Mod teams can (and will)
develop their own unlock systems and weapons.

On 7/12/05, Joe <sechon at blackmud.com> wrote:
> Quite a few projects are coming around to provide local rankings, but you
> can't do the unlocks and stuff (not even sure if the ranks can be done)
> legally w/o being officially ranked. They will delist your server from the
> browser if they catch ya. I'm not saying it's right (here it comes!) but
> that's just how it is.
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> Looking at the settings, there is a var for using "Global" rankings...  To
> me this implies a possibility or future existance of "local" rankings...
> Does anyone know if this exists, or is planned, as I haven't heard
> anything about it...  For my community, that would be perfect, since we
> can ensure the validity of rankings, and players would have stronger ties
> to specific servers, and build stronger communities...
> Leave the Global rankings to the statwhores.

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