[bf1942] Researching de-listing

Rüdiger Webmaster at robin1977.de
Sun Jul 10 11:06:25 EDT 2005


I had the same Problem with my Linux Server. It wasn´t listed at the ingame
I found out what the problem was. My server wasn´t listet, because of the
brackets. After removing the brackets from the Servername, it was listet at
the browser.
[sawaworld.de - die Community!]
sawaworld.de - die Community!
this works.
Greetings, Robin1977
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> Are you sure ur searching for it properly.
> 1. Check the same version checkbox.
> 2. If your still using 1.01 be aware that the filter is now not wild.
> It is instead a starts with filter..
>     Steve / K
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> > With email spam blacklists, there's normally some web page that explains
> > why one's mail server is listed in the blacklist. How would one
> > why one's BF2 server isn't listed by the master server? My server
> > (currently named "(MA) Linux", joinable by JoinIP to
> > "matureasskickers.net") isn't doing anything questionable. At one point
> > named it "Battlecrack" after the game's addictiveness (a nod to the name
> > "Evercrack" used by Everquest fans) and I'm wondering if someone decided
> > that meant it was "cracked". There's no firewall or NAT and all ports
> > open, and I can see master server packets going back and forth. I'm able
> > get it listed on ASE using the Add Server function.
> >
> >
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