VOIP Standalone Windows? Workie for you?

Brigham Stevens brs at vikingmind.com
Fri Jul 8 21:46:14 EDT 2005

Has any one managed to get the VOIP server to work with an externally
hosted VOIP?

I think I have everything setup in the BF2 ServerSettings.con file correctly, but do I have to do anything special in the voip.con file? The directions made it seem like you didn't but ya never know with this game...

Also the instructions said to install stand alone VOIP select custom
install... well the windows installer didn't offer me a custom install,
at least for the 1.0.1 patch.

It just doesn't seem to work, but I could have messed something up!

from serversettings.con (but I set via RCON cmds because I can't change
the settings on my ranked server):

sv.voipServerRemote 1
sv.voipServerRemoteIP "voip.unholyplayground.com"
sv.voipServerPort 55125
sv.voipBFClientPort 55123
sv.voipBFServerPort 55124
sv.voipSharedPassword "****nottellin****"

voip.con on voip.unholyplayground.com:
55125 ****nottellin****

Obviosuly that isn't the real password.

I tried using the IPAddress instead of name, same thing... still says disconnected in the VOIP console.

In the RCON i can issue the commands without arguments and it prints out the setting (HANDY!). And the settings look like they took. 

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